Summertime Travel Advisor: India


 Summer holidays are already on, and you're not sure yet where you should go?

We suggest a summertime travel advisor to further familiarize you with the most sought for summer destinations and make sure you choose the destination that suits you best.

Our Fist destination is: India.


Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi: the beating heart of India


 Those three megacities are the first welcoming places in India. They are a perfect fusion of authenticity and modernity. In Mumbai, you can at once be taken within the lively crowd of the city like in the Mhatma Jyotiba Phule Market or, not very far, be overwhelmed by the historic monuments and religious temples like the Radha Ras Bihari Temple, not far from which too, you can enjoy the refreshing Juhu beach.

Kolkata, refered to too as the City of Joy, is a highly festive city that bears a rich Victorian heritage, and is also the commercial capital of east India. Interestingly, its varied architectural style is a blend of historical, cultural and artistic flavors.

Delhi is among the most historic cities worldwide. Old Delhi is the perfect place where you can get enchanted with authenticity of India. New Delhi, on the other hand, offers an insight into modern India and its governmental buildings.

North: Spirituality and history


 Up to the north, you find the beautiful city of Agra, where you can visit the majestic building Taj Mahal which was built in the 17th C and is still regarded as one of the unique artistic architectures of the world. A tip to get a full appreciation of the building is to visit it minutes before sunrise and to enjoy the series of effects that would color the scene. A few kilometers away, stands the Agra Fort which is recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

The spiritual city Varanasi, or the city of life, is a must-visit city. It is one of the Hindus seven holy cities. In the sacred waters of its river, pilgrims come to wash away their sins. Along with that, it is the center of silk weaving.

Still in the north, you can't leave without visiting Armistar and its Golden Temple. It is the most holy city for the Sikh. Inhabitants and worshipers always invite tourists to participate in their rituals and offer them free of charges accommodation dorms to spend the night and enjoy the serenity of the spiritual city.

South: Exotic Beaches


 Down to the south, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest by enjoying the soothing effect of lying on the shores of Goa's balmy beach. It is a 103 km coastline in the south west of India that is always ranking among the most sought-for summer destinations. Goa, one of the smallest states of India and the least populated, houses many historical buildings, namely historic churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus and St.Cajetan Church.

Still in the south west of India you may visit God's own country, Kerala which is synonymous with exoticism and wild life. You get to enjoy and experience many things at once: the waterfalls, the exotic cuisine and food and the culture and mythology of the region.