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Couchsurfing is an international network aimed at the development of of the travelers community through systemizing the free stay of travelers at host countries. Basically, it units travelers worldwid... Read more
The number of immigrants towards Europe has snowballed and reached unexpected results to the EU leaders. There have been many attempts to deal with the continually-escalating number of immigrants, but... Read more
Each year Saudi Arabia hosts over than three million visitors coming for the hajj. The Islamic ritual takes place at Mecca at a determined period. This year it is estimated to take place between the 2... Read more
A valid passport is a vital document to be able to travel and most importantly to  prove one’s citizenship in any abroad country. Not being able to renew or to validate a passport might in... Read more
Summer is the peak season for visiting Europe .However, there is no particular season to visit Prague: it will charm you in every season. Summer in Prague attracts the greatest amount of tourists duri... Read more
 Want to leap back to the 1950s ? not impossible. Cuba's 50s are pieces of today's everyday life. Its vivid still-fresh colors preserve and put life into history as if it were yesterday.... Read more