The 5 Easiest Citizenships to get



Obtaining a second passport gives accessibility to a larger number of countries with no visa restrictions thus widens the scope of anyone's choices and offers a life-time plan B "no mater what happens".

Getting a second a second citizenship can be easier than you thought when you find out about coutries which offer very relaxed regulations visa-à-vis dual citizenships.


1/ Dominica



To become a Dominican citizen you only need to purchase the package deal that suits you. If the applicant is single he needs to pay the government100.000 $, if he/she is joined with his spouse he needs to pay 175.000 $ and if they're joined with 2 children they need to pay 200.000 $, with 50.000 $ on every additional child.

weakness: the Dominican passport is only accessible to 80 countries.


2/ Brazil



A Brazilian passport offers its holder accessibility to 133 countries. To apply for Brazilian citizenship, you don't have to give up your original citizenship, and you only need to learn the Portuguese language and to get a financial support. If you don't meet the latter profile you need to spend 15 years as a permanent resident with no criminal record. The process can be reduced to 1 year in case of marriage to a Brazilian citizen.

weakness: Mandatory vote*

(* Citizens eligible to vote need to attend the polling office to justify their absece from the voting process and pay a small fine. If they don’t they are faced with very strict puishments that go as far as being prohibited from applyig for a public function or recieving salaries from a public position. Further, there might be restrictions on renwing their passports identity cards, educatioal licenses etc )


3/ Malta



However the Maltese eligibility perquisites for citizenship have been recently modified from no residency requirements to a 12-month residence, it is still considered among the easiest citizenships to obtain in the world since it offers the possibility to get citizenships by investment to a country that is both a member of the European Union and the Shengen.

To be able to apply for a Maltese citizenship you need:

- A proof of “genuine link” to Malta i.e. to be a resident for 1 year in Malta (It doesn’t require applicants to be physically present in Malta the whole 365 days)

- A contribution to the Maltese economy through the IIP : having achieved the 1-year residence, the applicant is prior to the Individual Investment Programme which requires him/her to pay at least 650.000€ to the Malta Social and Development Fund and 25.000€ per each member of the family.


4/ Singapore



Anyone can apply for the Singaporean citizenship if he/she is at least 21 years old and with a minimum of 2 years as Singaporean permanent resident ( Permanent residence is granted to investors or simply to those who have an employment pass). The Singaporean passport is among the most sought-for passports in the sense that it is accessible to over 160 countries (among which are the US and Europe). It ranks 2nd for the number of persons you can meet without visa. (check

weakness: the national service issue: All male Singaporean citizens (or even having a Permanent Residence) face a mandatory national service. It is advisable to check the regulations beforehand.

5/ Cyprus



The cypriot citizenship give accessibility to over 150 visa-free coutries (including the Eu coutries).

 The citizenship by investment has been initially introduced in Cyprus in 2011, and ever since the citizenship law has been subject to several updates. Currently, there are different options to get an economic citizenship in Cyprus with no residency requirements. It costs the applicant from 2 million Euro up to 5 million Euro.

 Nidhal Chemkhi