Summertime Travel Advisor: Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Cuba this Summer


 Want to leap back to the 1950s ? not impossible. Cuba's 50s are pieces of today's everyday life. Its vivid still-fresh colors preserve and put life into history as if it were yesterday. Not only unique but also diverse, Cuba will make you fall in love with each place you visit in a different way.  

A Glimpse of Havana


 Havana, Cuba's capital, is a city always in motion where everything goes in an impeccable accord. Enjoy your walk within the vintage architecture decorating the alleys of the city leading to the 5 plazas: Armos, Vieja, San Francisco and Catedral. “Havana Vieja” is a somewhat miniature of the overall style and of the city: colored baroque and neoclassical style is photogenic and adds a vintage effect on any picture you would take. You would enjoy passing by the beautiful baroque Cathedral de la Virgin Maria with its enchanting facade, one the most ancient cathedrals in the Americas.  

Give the 1950s Cuban Wheels a Try

retro ride.jpg

 Step back in history and get yourself a retro ride within the art-suffused streets of Habana. Embargo made it difficult for Cubans to get modern cars. Their creativity has been a substitute for their lack of car-industry in their country. It has resulted in beautifully-styled old-school cars true to the Cuban city-life.

Get into the Spirit of la revolución


Streets in Cuban cities are big exhibition galleries where walls serve as tableaux and paintings on which Cuban artists release their creativity and project their aspirations. Almost in every town you would find an admirable tag of Che Guevara sometimes joined with a revolutionary slogan. 

Y la musica

cuba dance.jpg

Music in cuba is the background soundtrack that completes a beautiful cinematic scene. Or more, it sets the overall unique theme of the country. You could hear sensational latino rhythms like salsa and rumba in every corner of the Cuban streets, you could see free-minded people dancing in the streets. You simply want to go to join them..

Stroll along El Malecón


 You can't move from the city without walking along El Malecón and enjoy its refreshing waves hitting on the wall. Evening would be perfect fo a relaxing walk and a magic view. You come across status sculpted by Peruvian artists along the Villena Bridge.

Taste the Mojito and smoke the Cuban Cigar


 Head to the National Hotel and order a fresh mojito. Not a random one, the one served in a place once frequented by Winston Chuchill and Al Capone, and don't leave Cuba before you smoke the incomparable Cuban cigar reputed as the finest you would try in the world, and part of the national timber of Cuba.

Enjoy la playa


 It gets difficult for a visitor to choose between the white-sand beaches of Cuba. Those located in the north are better appreciated by tourists. Veradero is the most popular one and is generally the number one destination for tourists essentially for its all-inclusive luxurious resorts. The Cayo Coco is a very advisable destination: it is somewhat separated from Cuba and you would feel like you've been to another place. Still, a magnificent place with excellent resorts.


Nidhal Chemkhi