Summertime Travel Advisor: Europe Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Prague this Summer

Czech Republic

Summer is the peak season for visiting Europe .However, there is no particular season to visit Prague: it will charm you in every season. Summer in Prague attracts the greatest amount of tourists during the year. Sunbeams will add beauty on the overall authentic atmosphere of Prague.

So why you should visit Prague during this summer?

Costs have lowered


Euro has never witnessed such a decline for a decade. Economists claim that flight prices will follow a a dropping line and airfare prices will get lowered. No hesitation allowed, cease the opportunity, you can save 25% of the money you devoted for the trip. The Tripadvisor TripIndex Europe showed that travel expenses for popular destination have inclined by an average of 11%.

Outdoor art and events


 For music lovers, a summer trip is perfect for you because the United Islands Festival awaits you with a unique and varied program. You can step by the indoor 4 Storey Club Karlove Lazně to walk around its floors each of which is dedicated to a different musical genre. For cinephiles, it gets even better. In Prague, outdoor cinema is a local summer tradition which offers double enjoyment of the view and of the movie. The cinema summer-night is joined with huge bean bags, deck chairs, barbecue frills.

Architecture and cafés


Architecture in Prague is one of its identifying features. It is a harmonious mixture of the Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art-nouveau. But mostly, it is renown for its cubist buildings: the Rotunda of Saint Martin, the Cathedral of Our Lady before Týn, the Wallenstein Palace, Municipal House, and the must-see Frank Gehry's dancing building which is emblematic of Prague's modern architecture. Cafés in Prague are a significant part of the city's architecture and imprints its essence. You'll get to choose which general atmosphere suits you best between the Parisian in Café Louvre, le Grand Café Orient with cubist style, to modern cafés like Café Lounge and Monolok Café.

Summer-night by the river


Either by the Vlatva or the Naplavka, summer evenings are charming and offer a lovely chance to mingle with the friendly locals. You may dance, stroll or simply sit in one of the open bars by the river and enjoy the view of boats adjacent to the pavements, or enjoy Italian cuisine along with other specialties in restaurants by the river.


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