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Syrian refugees have already plumbed the depths of despair. Their plight does not seem to be unraveled in a foreseeable future. NGO and neighboring countries have been hustling to alleviate the escala... Read more
  The common definition of a visa is: an authorization determined by a foreign country that allows an individual's entry to a country or the opposite. The notion takes a wider sense in the E... Read more
The Bidoon's name is written in pencil, it can be easily erased. -Youssef Al-Kharafi- a former deputy Minister of Interior   The Bidoon designates an Arabic word meaning “without&rd... Read more
It gets hard to obtain citizenships in some countries whose decision-makers decide that it is for the country’s benefit to keep close to the particularities of their cultures. To do so, those &n... Read more
  Obtaining a second passport gives accessibility to a larger number of countries with no visa restrictions thus widens the scope of anyone's choices and offers a life-time plan B "no m... Read more