Indonesia customs regulation

Import and Export laws of Indonesia

Indonesia is a big country with around 259M Indonesian. Official language is Indonesian. Indonesia uses metric system (kilograms, centimeters, Β°C). Time zone is from UTC+07:00 to UTC+09:00. Currency used in Indonesia is Rupiah (IDR).

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ 259M β˜€οΈ ~26 Β°C 🌧 ~229 mm πŸ‘ Developing 🚩 1905k km2 (735k miΒ²)
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Import Regulation

Tobacco 🚬

200 cigarettes;

25 cigars; or

100 grams of tobacco.

Currency πŸ’΅

Funds of more than Rp100,000,000 or its foreign equivalent must be declared to the customs authorities.

Prohibited β›”

Narcotics and psychotropic drugs.

Pornographic materials.

Firearms and weapons.

Restricted ⚠️

Pets are subject to certain import requirements. For further information, please visit theAgricultural Quarantine Agency.

Plants and their derivative products, such as vegetables and fruit.

Other rules ℹ️

A reasonable quantity of perfume.

Personal goods up to the value of US$250 per individual or US$1000 per family.

External resources

Agricultural Quarantine Agency.

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