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UAE customs regulation

Import and Export laws of UAE

UAE is a small country with around 10M UAE. Official language is Arabic. United Arab Emirates uses metric system (kilograms, centimeters, Β°C). Time zone is UTC+04:00. Currency used in UAE is UAE Dirham (AED).

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ 10M β˜€οΈ ~27 Β°C 🌧 ~6 mm πŸ‘ Developing 🚩 84k km2 (32k miΒ²)
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Import Regulation

Tobacco 🚬

400 cigarettes;

50 cigars; or

500 grams of tobacco.

Currency πŸ’΅

Travellers may bring in any currency and money up to AED40,000.

Prohibited β›”

Narcotic drugs such as hashish, cocaine, heroin, and hallucination pills.

Paan and naswar.

Offensive weapons, such as swords, stealth knives, flick knives, knuckle dusters, and other martial arts equipment.

Air pressure weapons and electric shock devices.


Non-commercially produced cooked foods, meats, and slaughtered birds.

Radioactive materials.

Gambling tools and equipment.

Printed publications, paintings, photographs, books, and other media which contradict Islamic teaching and decency.

Any media which may deliberately imply immorality and turmoil.

Items considered to be involved with Black Magic and Witchcraft.

Goods from boycotted countries.

Goods of Israeli manufacturing origin.

Counterfeit and fake goods.

Forged and counterfeit currency.

Rhino horn or ivory.

Three layer fishing nets.

Original engravings, prints, lithographs, sculptures and statues.

Used, reconditioned and invalid tyres.

Cooked and homemade foods.

Restricted ⚠️

Military weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

Up to 3 months' supply of prescription medication for personal use.

Endangered species and their derivative products require permission from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

All pets are subject to importation requirements, and some may be prohibited. For further information, please visit theMinistry of Climate Change and Environment.

Certain plants and their produce are restricted. For further information, please visit theMinistry of Climate Change and Environment.

Other rules ℹ️

Gifts whose value does not exceed AED3000.

Personal belongings, including phones, portable music equipment, sports equipment, and wheelchairs.

Export Regulation

Prohibited β›”

Same as prohibited to import list.

Restricted ⚠️

Abu Dhabi General Directorate of Customs

Dubai Customs

Sharjah Customs

Department of Ports & Customs - Ajman

Ras al-Khaimah Customs Department

Port of Fujairah

Umm al-Qaiwain Customs

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